Webroot Customer Care Phone Number
Webroot Customer Care Phone Number

Webroot Customer Care Phone Number 1-855-635-3032

Webroot is a well-known name in the cyber world and has built a reputation over the years. The antivirus uses the handiest of tools and has the ability to deliver best of the results. But in spite of this coveted status, there are some errors that can affect your antivirus and it can put you in disarray. These errors can lead you to call the Webroot Customer Care Phone Number. But before you can start using the software, you must first install it by noting the pointer given below-

  • To begin with, you need to read the Software License Agree in its entirety. Carefully go through it before you begin your operations.
  • To move ahead in the installation procedure, you need to agree with the terms and conditions addressed in the Agreement. Click on Agree and move forth.
  • You can either begin the installation by CD, or if you don’t have a CD then you can download the installation file linked to Webroot.
  • The downloadable link will be given on the website. Click on the link and a file with the extension of .exe will start downloading.
  • Wait for the download to finish. It will not take a lot of time as the file size is not large.
  • You have to enter your security product key in the next window. The product key enables you to authenticate the purchase of the product so that you can avail benefits attached to the Premium product
  • If you are wondering where to find the code. Look for the back of your CD or find it in the Inbox of your Email.
  • Once you have gotten hold of the key, just copy the code and paste in the vacant box meant for the insertion.
  • Now, you will be given an opportunity to carry out functions such as generating a Desktop icon for your software. You can also add the software in the Quick Access section.
  • Now elect a language in which you want the installer to perform its core functions and set a language to move forward in the installation process.
  • If you are content with the setup of your software then just click on Agree and the installer will start to load some files into the system related to the Webroot program once you have performed the last step.
  • To conclude, you will be prompted to insert your login details, with the particulars such as the username and the password.
  • After you enter your login details, the installer will start loading files linked to the program. Once the installation is finished, you can use the software to safeguard your system.

You can establish the software in your system by following the pointer given above. In certain cases, there can be issues while installing the software. These issues can drive you to call the Webroot Customer Care Phone Number. Some of the issues that spring up during the installation are usually related to the file that you have downloaded. In certain cases, the packaged file associated with the software becomes corrupt and the installation process doesn’t even initiate. In other cases, you can have a problem if you have downloaded the installation package that is meant for a different version or a different OS. Apart from the installation errors, there are various other types of errors that can make their way even after your software has been setup successfully. Some of the problems can become a major impediment and you are required to contact the Webroot Customer Care Support Number. You can need help if you encounter issues given below-

  • Activation Code not accepted by the server of the software. There is only way to legitimize your purchase of the Webroot product and that is through your Security Product Key or the Activation Code. But there are times when your software doesn’t accept the security key and you are unable to authenticate your product and enjoy its full benefits. It can happen when you are using a copied key or your key is meant for a different version among some of the reasons. In other cases this error can showcase even when you are using the correct and legitimate key. Hence this is one of the major errors that you can face.
  • Software failing to open. There are instances when you are trying to open your software multiple times but it doesn’t work. It can happen when your software has been either captured by a malicious element such as virus or it can also happen when your software related files have either gone missing or they have also been compromised in some manner.
  • Updates. It is vital to update your software constantly. If you are skipping updates, then not only does your software work in an unusual manner but you are also unable to extract the best out of the services provided by the program.
  • Uninstallation issues. When you uninstall the program, you remove all the components related to the software. There can be multiple causes as to why someone wants to get rid of the software. There are a number of reasons why you’d want to do away with Webroot and then establish new security software that can protect your system. However you must note that there are cases when the software can leave behind certain registry errors and temporary files even after installation. Hence it becomes essential to remove all the resources related to the software.
  • Software working in an abnormal manner, your antivirus can sometimes showcase signs of decay and decline. In this case, you can witness the software hanging on a regular basis, leaving the whole system in jeopardy. This malfunction can take place because of multitude reasons. It can happen when your software is corrupt or when your system’s performance has also declined as a whole. You may need to contact the Webroot Customer Care Phone Number to counter this issue.

Your antivirus plays the key role of making sure that your system is secure and that its performance is not impacted by malicious elements from outside. So it is vital to address the issues related to the antivirus as soon as possible.