Refund Policy

Our IT expert will inform you by giving a thorough outlines before you agree to our services. We have crafted our billing services to ensure that your information doesn’t leak and we use the safest banking mechanism for protecting your sensitive information. You allow us the right to charge you for the services we provide once you comply with our service plans.

We have a varied fee structure that ranges from 28.99$ to 48.99$, which is related to the plan that you have chosen. You will not be charged until you agree by the terms laid down by our service provider. You can either choose on which date we can charge you on a monthly basis or if you don’t furnish any date of your choice, we will receive the payment on the same date when we got it during our first service. By agreeing, you also give us the right to charge you every month for the services that we are providing you.


There is no charge unless you have received our first service, and if that is the case then we are liable to give you full refund. If there has been a connection error or communication loss while servicing your device, you will be given a refund for the ongoing month of your service. However, once we have provided a service and if you happen to not find it satisfying, then we will not give you the full refund and you have to settle with a partial refund or no refund at all.

You also agree that you can only request for a refund within the 4 days of our initial service. It is only during that window, that you can express qualms with our services and request for a refund. In case we are unable to resolve your issue or provide a faulty service, then we are liable to pay you full refund. You agree that if we help in resolving your problem then you can’t claim a refund at all.

We have a one-time service plan too during which we will have a window of 6 days to operate and address your issue. After the conclusion of that time window, we will not be offering any services in case a fresh issue springs up. We are also not responsible for any future issues that arise in your system once we have gotten rid of the issue that you seek resolution for originally