Privacy Policy

We put a lot of premium on safeguarding the private and sensitive information that is furnished by the users of our services. We want to clarify how we use your data through our Privacy Policy. You have to mention your name, phone number, email address, resident address and billing information as you fill a form through our website. Our IT experts also inquire about the information verbally. You reserve all the rights to not disclose any information and we can’t acquire any information without your consent so becomes an individual’s choice whether or not to share any kind of information with us.

Usage of the Gathered Information

We need your personal information to carry out many kinds of operations. First, we gather a visitor’s data and experience on our website to improve our tools. We also require the information to be in touch with our users, as by having your contact number and email address, we can hand you over the necessary information. This information is linked to the monthly package that you opted, and if we make any changes to the policy, we notify it by contacting you. We also need to communicate if you have to use our aid so that you can get rid of the problems that can harm your computer. We also distribute important blog posts, information and share the latest trends through your email address. We assure you that our billing system is user-friendly and makes sure that your information is safe and secure. We use advanced mechanism to safeguard the billing process.

Security Measures

Our website is encrypted to make sure that the information shared by you remains only with us and no one can tamper with it or access it from the outside. Our website uses the SSL certificates and is validated by the necessary mechanisms. The information that you share with us is confidential and we don’t allow any access in regards to it. Our advance methodology enables us to adopt the most secure measures while you are using our services

Changes in the outline of Privacy Policy

We can change our privacy policy at any juncture of time and when we feel the need to do so. We have the right to make necessary shifts in our privacy policy. We make sure that you are aware of these changes by sending you information when these changes are completed.