We are a third-party service that supplies support related to emails, browser, antivirus and other peripheral devices. We don’t claim any direct association or affiliation with any other company. Our technicians and IT professionals have certification from companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Brother etc. We don’t claim to own the logos, pictorial representations, graphics and images. These logos, pictorial representations, graphics and images are the sole property of their owners and we are just using them for representation purposes. This is to announce that we are an independent service provider and at no point claim any consortium with these companies.

We are not responsible if you get offended upon viewing any sort of objectionable content. In this case, you must be aware that internet is a hotbed for such type of content. We are not responsible for any third-party links that can redirect you to the objectionable content that you have viewed while using our website. We are also not responsible for the harm to intellectual property rights in such a case. Since we don’t keep any eye on the content by our site members, we are not responsible if you have come across offensive content. We are also not responsible for the content that is displayed when you are redirected to some other website through our website.

Claims of Liability

You agree to give us the access to your device in order to make modifications while resolving your issues. You also give us the right to make changes to programs, files or any other components in your system to help you get rid of your problems. You grant us the right to install tools, programs and software that are used for diagnosis and helping you to overcome the problems that are affecting your device. You also agree that we are not responsible in case you lose data or some type of program while we are operating on your device.

We employ secure tools and safest strategies to ensure that your system isn’t affected when we work upon it. But there can be cases when a virus or malware may trigger upon installation or alteration of certain files and programs. We cannot be held responsible for any loss in such cases and will only refund the amount that you paid us for the service plan. You agree to not ask us for the claims in case of a data loss or any other grave error that was caused when we were operating on your system.