Webroot Tech Support Phone Number

Webroot Tech Support Phone Number 1-855-635-3032

Webroot has built its place in the cyber world as one of the most dependable security software. The antivirus provides top-notch services and is known for its proficient scanning, identification and removal of threats such as malware. However despite the antivirus being of high substance, you can still require contacting the Webroot Tech Support Phone Number and makes sure you get rid of restrictive elements. First, the basic step is to install the software in your system. Here is how you can establish the software in your system-

  • First read the terms laid down in the Software License Agreement, which is available on the official website of Webroot.
  • You have to agree with the terms and conditions of the Software License Agreement if you want to proceed further in the installation process.
  • In case you don’t have a CD related to the product, you can acquire the downloadable installation file from the official website of Webroot.
  • You can find the file by the extension of .exe which can be downloaded through the link related to the file on the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, all you need to do is wait for the download to conclude. The file is of small size so it will not take much time.
  • To find the code, go to your Email and look for the mail that was sent to you at the time of order completion.
  • In the next part, you can insert the Activation Code. The security key can be entered in the empty box for the same purpose.
  • Copy the Security Key and insert it in the vacant box meant for inserting the security code.
  • The next section is about selecting some of the installer options, such as the Desktop icon. The icon makes the software easy to use and you don’t have to rely on other options.
  • You are also given an opportunity to modify the file extensions and such to avoid takeover from complexly coded malware.
  • Now, you can also make a choice of language, the language in which you want to conduct the installation process.
  • To move forward, click on Agree and then confirm that you want to undertake the installation. If you are satisfied with the configuration then you can proceed forward.
  • Then insert your credentials, such as the username and the password.
  • Once you have confirmed the login details, your installer will start transporting the files related to the software in your system. The installation process will finish as per the performance of your system.

This is how you can setup the antivirus in your system. However there are certain problems which you can face while you are undertaking the installation process. Hence in these cases you can require the help of Webroot Tech Support Phone Number. These are the problems you can face while undertaking the installation procedure-

  • File corrupted. The installation file can sometimes be damaged or become corrupt, which will lead to either an incomplete installation or the installer will fail to launch.
  • Installation incomplete. If you have downloaded the file from an illicit source then you can face problems just at the cusp. It can also happen if you have downloaded the wrong version of the software and it is meant for a different system.

These are the common reasons that can affect your installation process. However there can be other problems even when you have established the program in your system. These problems can be of wide range and can hamper the way you use your software. These are the situations in which you can require the help of the Webroot Tech Support Phone Number

  • Software failing to launch. You can face failure sometimes while trying to open the software. In this case, the program fails to open even when you are clicking on the icon multiple times. This problem can occur if your software has been overtaken by an advance malware or it can happen if there is a problem with the core files associated with your software.
  • Update issue. If you miss an update related to the software, it will start performing abnormally and you will be unable to get the best of its services. Hence it is crucial for you to update the software on a regular basis to keep its utilities up-to-the-track.
  • Security Product Key not accepted. Your Activation Code is the pathway to legitimize your purchase of the Webroot product and it is the only way through which you can reap the benefits guaranteed by the software. But sometimes the software fails to register your key. It can happen if you are using a duplicate key, or the key has expired, or you are using a key meant for a different version of the program. However there are cases in which the software fails to accommodate even the legitimate product code.
  • Uninstallation failure. If you are dissatisfied with the services of Webroot, you’d want to dislodge the software from your system and look for an immediate replacement. So, you look for ways to uninstall the program. The uninstallation process is fairly simple; however, there is one more challenge while getting rid of the software. The software can leave behind registry errors and files. These errors can hamper your proceedings when you are trying to setup new security software in the system. Hence it is vital to completely uninstall the program so that you can get new security software in your device.
  • Software not responding. There are instances when your Webroot antivirus crashes and freezes again and again in short bursts of time. This annoyance can be caused because of multitude of reasons and can even impact the system’s performance as a whole. This problem can lead you to call the Webroot Tech Support Phone Number. When your antivirus crashes and freezes on a regular basis, your system is exposed to all kinds of risks, which implies that such a problem should be removed as soon as it is identified.

There are other problems associated with the antivirus apart from the ones mentioned above. An antivirus is the shield for a system so one should always be aware of how their antivirus is performing.